How to make pet freeze-dried meat by freeze-drying machine equipment?

Recently the pandemic COVID-19 spreads very fast all over the world.We pray the disaster disappear soon.Under such circumstance,it’s not easy for us to go out for buying things frequently.How to prepare your honey pet healthy and fresh food?You could do it successfully if you have a freeze-drying machine at home.

How to make pet freeze-dried meat?  The practice is to put the pet food (such as fresh meat) into the drying chamber of the pet food freeze-drying machine for low temperature freezing, and then put it in the vacuum to heat and dry, so that the frozen water in the food is directly sublimated from the solid state into the gas state, so as to get the freeze-dried pet meat.

The principle is the process of dehydrating food in a vacuum at extremely low temperatures. The water will be directly converted from a solid to a gas without sublimation to an intermediate liquid state.

make freeze dried meat at home for pet

In this process the product retains its original size and shape, the smallest cells rupture, and the removal of water to prevent food from spoiling at room temperature.  The freeze-dried product has the same size and shape as the original frozen data, and has good stability. It can be reconstructed and restored when placed in water.  When the freeze-drying process is applied to pet food, its nutritional value can be retained to the greatest extent, and there is little difference in color, taste, volume, texture and the quality of food raw materials.

Pet food freeze-drying machine equipment is a popular pet food processing equipment.  Can be freeze-dried processing cat food, dog food, chicken breast, quail, beef, duck, fish, pressure viscera, molar brittle bone and other products.

freeze dried chichen breastfreeze dried Quail's egg yolk

Pet freeze-dried meat homemade steps:

Equipment: lyophilizer

  1. Prepare fresh ingredients, such as chicken breast and beef;
  2. Clean the tray of the food lyophilizer, cut the chicken or beef into small pieces of about 2cm, and then put them into the tray smoothly;
  3. After processing the ingredients, put the tray into the drying bin of the food lyophilizer;
  4. Close the door of the freeze-dried storehouse and start it with one button (the manufacturer has set it well, and you can adjust the process after you are familiar with it)
  5. The rest is to wait for the set freeze-drying process to finish, and then take it out.

For freeze-dried products, please pay attention to sealing and preservation. Can be considered with good sealing performance, or vacuum sealing machine + bag

Two cats fought over the freeze-dried quail yellow