How to make freeze-dried ginger powder?

freeze dried ginger powder

How  to do Freeze dried ginger powder?

freeze dried ginger powder 

Production process of freeze-dried ginger powder

Washing: Wash the ginger with water, then peel it;

Slice: Cut the washed and peeled ginger evenly into 2-5_ thick white ginger slices.

Placing the plate: Put the ginger slices into the material warehouse of the vacuum freeze dryer, and spread them evenly on the material plate in a single layer.

Drying: quickly put the material pan with white ginger slices into the vacuum dryer, the vacuum degree

0.1-0.2MPa, cold trap temperature -56 ± 2 °C, drying around 12 hours

Crushing: Put the dried ginger slices into a pulverizer to smash.

Sieving: Filter the ginger powder formed after crushing to remove large particles and impurities.

Packaging: Put the ginger powder in a sealed bag for vacuum packaging, and store it away from light.

lemon tea with freeze dried ginger powder

Main Specification: 5%-20% Gingerol (Powder form)

5%-50% Gingerol (Oil form)

Appearance: Light Yellow brown Powder

Plant Part Used: Root

Extract Solution: Water/Ethanol


Molecular Formula: C17H26O4

Molecular Weight: 294.38

CAS Number: 23513-14-6

freeze dried ginger formula