How much gram of durian per one kilo for freeze dried durian?How to caculate lyophilized duiran price?

The moisture content of fresh durian meat is about 64.5%, and the vacuum freeze-drying technology can remove about 95% of the moisture content. The following formula is summarized:

Dry weight of freeze dried durian = total weight-moisture content removed by freeze-drying.

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Therefore, 1 kg of fresh durian meat can push about 386 grams of freeze-dried durian; 1 kg of dried durian requires about 5.2 kg of fresh durian flesh.


Process reference: the cutting piece is 2cm, the shelf temperature is 45℃, the vacuum degree reaches 50Pa, and the freeze-drying time is about 16h


The freeze-dried durian became lumpy, very crispy, and concentrated the sweetness of durian, making it sweeter than fresh durian.

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