What is freeze-drying ?How much do you know about freeze-drying equipment?

What is freeze-drying ?How much knowledge do you know about freeze-drying equipment?

The basic principle of MKK vacuum freeze dryer/lyophilizer is based on the three-state change of water.Water has solid, liquid and gas states, all of which can interchange and coexist. When water is at the triple point (temperature of 0.01℃, vapor pressure of 610.5Pa), water, ice and vapor can coexist and balance each other.Under the high vacuum state, using the principle of sublimation, the moisture in the pre-frozen materials will be directly sublimated into the ice state to remove the water vapor without passing through the glory of the ice, so as to achieve the purpose of freeze drying. Freeze-dried products are sponge-like, no shrinkage, good rehydration, can maintain the original color and taste to the greatest extent, and have very little moisture. After corresponding packaging, they can be stored and transported at room temperature for a long time. Because of the incomparable advantages of other drying methods, the MKK vacuum freeze-drying machine has been more and more popular since its inception. The application of the vacuum freeze-drying machine in medicine, biological products and food has been increasing. widely. Biological products such as serum, strains, Chinese and Western medicine are mostly biologically active substances, and the vacuum freeze-drying technology of MKK also provides a good solution for preserving biological activity.

Phase diagram of water during freeze drying processTemperature diagram changing during freeze drying process

Which products can be freeze-dried with freeze-drying equipment?It needs to be understood that the principle of freeze drying equipment is a drying method that pre-treats water-containing substances in a low-temperature vacuum environment, sublimates water from solids to gases, thereby removing moisture and preserving substances.

Freeze-dried food after freeze-drying has the characteristics of long shelf life, good rehydration, excellent color, aroma, taste and nutritional components. After drying, the volume and shape of the food are basically unchanged, and the material is sponge-like, without drying shrinkage. It can be widely used in vegetables, fruits, condiments, aquatic products, biological products, medicine, beverages, specimens and other fields.

vacuum lyophilizer,Freeze dryer for food and pharmacy industry

With the continuous increase in market demand for freeze-drying equipment and the continuous improvement of drug quality requirements, freeze-drying equipment will have considerable development.

Maikeku freeze-drying equipment is convenient to control the heating temperature and vacuum requirements in different stages of material drying. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is still limited to freeze-dried small amounts of ginseng, velvet antler, yam, cordyceps and other medicinal materials.

A shop owner packing dried and freeze dried fruit

At present, most food freeze dryer manufacturers are taking the road of imitation. Some manufacturers have made great progress while adopting advanced foreign technology. So how to improve the freeze-drying equipment?

1. Reduce costs and energy consumption: Some freeze-drying equipment is not made of stainless steel, but coated with low-carbon steel for food, which emits infrared rays at room temperature. The surface of the shelf is coated with high-performance far-infrared emitting materials to enhance its radiation capacity; the surface of the tray is treated to enhance its absorption capacity. The optimization of the structure, size, and frosting characteristics of the water trap is more realistic, because its current cost is equivalent to a freeze-drying box, and the operation power consumption is large. For freeze dryers, the heating system only supplements sublimation heat, and the power consumption should not be too high. However, the existing equipment is not satisfactory, and the structure needs to be optimized to reduce energy consumption.

2. Development of continuous freeze-drying equipment: The freeze-drying equipment currently produced is mostly intermittent products. With the development of industrial technology, it will be an inevitable trend to develop continuous freeze-drying equipment and increase the output of freeze-dried products.